Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review:The Devious Book For Cats

Well,I am such a procrastinator.With vacation and what not,I have been -and still am- as lazy as possible.But I am back,and brought something amazing along!

Now,you know I am obsessed with kittens.This book is by far my Bible,hehe...200 pages of epic awesomeness.Everything about cats,from their very own point of view.Can't just read it only once!

As the description says:
''Cats have nine lives.Shouldn't they be lived to the fullest?Cats were once proud,shrewd,independent animals who lived fast...and died young.Then came domestication-a life of comfort and free health care.
But has independence really been good for cats?What has become of our sense of adventure,our independence?Fluffy and Bonkers say it's time to fight back and regain control of your rightful place as a ruler of the roost once again''

Whether a cat lover or feline maniac,I totally recommend this book.It is just hilarious!
I assume it can be found in bookstores of course...I got my copy from the Book Depository for a fairly good price.

All rights for this book go to their respectful owners...Image of the cover and description used for entertainment purposes,I do not claim any rights for them...Just sharing something I liked with other people!That ain't bad,right?hehe

Hugs 'n' Stitches

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can You See The Bubblez?

Whoa,I haven't been here in ages!Well it is summertime....I have an excuse to be extra lazy,hehe
Anyways,just wanted to show you guys a little beauty I set up today!After so much cleaning in my room,some decor-it-youself was bound to pop up!

I've been really into plants lately...I just love them,and the idea of an underwater terrarium just thrilled me.
I got the rectangular vase and water plant at Ikea for about 10 euros..and of course added my little touch.I had this little bottle lying around,along with some sand and pebbles from the beach

I just love looking at it!

Can you see the bubbles on the leaves?Nasty cam...
But oh well.All I need now is a fish!Hehe
That's all for now
Hugs 'n' Stitches!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Findings #1-Magazine Paper Boxes

The other day I was in a store....when my eye caught these little beauties.

Boxes,trays,vases and various containers made out of magazine pages!The pages seem to be tightly rolled,folded or coiled and glued together or onto a simple wooden container with some sort of clear superglue (like modge-podge,maybe?)

I was simply stunned at the amount of paper and work that it must have taken to make each of them....the ones with the coiled paper were by far my favourite.

Recycling in all its colourful glory,ladies and gentlemen:

There were only a couple of them in the store....but certainly a nice surprise.And quite cheap it seems (the tray in the fourth picture was 8 euros).Which makes me much did the craftsmen get for making them?Surely not very much,given the final price....

But anyway.All this paper recycling galore reminded me of a similar paper box tutorial I found some time ago:
Now I think I might be off to find some old magazines.....:D
Hugs 'n' stitches

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Blog,Therefore I Am

Greetings,fellow people!

To blog means to share.Or at least that's what I think it means...well.Guess my time has come to join this world.
Anetia is a butterfly genus,meaning a group containing various butterfly species.And everyone loves butterflies.Right?Well ,I know I do,for once.Hence the blog title!

Somewhere here is the end for my first ever blog,see you around!

Hugs 'n' Stiches